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Anthony Horowitz is one of our most popular authors. He attended boarding school then went on to York University. Anthony has written lots of books for children including the best selling Alex Rider series and the Diamond Brother mysteries. He also writes for television and created the detective dramas, Midsomer Murders and Murder in Mind.

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Books (Sort by Title)[24 books listed]
 Alex Rider VolumeYearRating
 Point Blank220019/10
 Skeleton Key320048/10
 Eagle Strike420049/10
 Ark Angel620059/10

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Groosham Grangen/an/a9/10
 Horowitz Horrorn/an/a7/10
 More Horowitz Horrorn/an/an/a
 Public Enemy Number Twon/an/an/a
 South by South Eastn/an/a10/10
 The Devil and His Boyn/an/an/a
 The Switchn/an/a10/10
 The Unholy Grailn/an/an/a
 The Blurred Mann/a2005n/a
 The French Confectionn/a2005n/a
 The Killing Joken/a200610/10

 The Diamond Brothers VolumeYearRating
 I now what you did last Wednesdayn/a2005n/a

 The Power of Five VolumeYearRating
 Death In The Darkn/a200810/10
 Raven's Gate120059/10
 Evil Star220069/10
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