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Snakehead (Alex Rider)
Series: Alex Rider
Volume: 7
Genre: Other
ISBN: 0399241612
Publisher: Philomel
Price: $17.99
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 6
Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz

Description: From the author:
It opens in Australia a few days after Alex has splashed down from outer space. Alex is picked up by the SAS and taken to their headquarters at Swanbourne, Perth. He is then recruited by Australian intelligence and sent under cover to Bangkok to gather intelligence on a snakehead – a gang – run by the sinister master criminal, Major Winston Yu.
What Alex doesn’t know is that Yu is also working for Scorpia…yes, they’re back and dare I say it that this time they’re nastier than ever. Yassen Gregorovich also makes an appearance in the book and there’s a character called Ash who knows some nasty secrets about Alex’s past and the way his parents died.

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