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Point Blank (Alex Rider)
Series: Alex Rider
Volume: 2
Genre: Other
ISBN: 0744565863
Pages: 282 pages
Publisher: J.H.Haynes and Co.
Price: 15.99
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10
Votes: 10
Point Blank by anthony Horowitz

Description: Alex Rider, teenage spy is back. Fourteen year old Alex Rider, reluctant MI6 spy is back at school trying to adapt to his new double life...and to double home work. But MI6 have other plans for him. Investigations into the 'accidental' deaths of two of the world's most powerful men have revealed just one link. Both had a son attending Point Blanc academy-an exclusive school for rebellious rich kids, run by the sinister Dr. Grief and set high on an isolated mountain peak in the french alps. Armed with only a false ID and a new collection of brilliantly disguised gadgets, Alex must infiltrate the academy as a pupil and establish the truth about what is really happening there. Can he alert the world to what he discovers before it is too late?

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