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Nominated for the PUSHCART PRIZE 2001, Hertzan Chimera has collaborated with many authors and was a very active member of the WORDHUNGER writer's collective.

December 2001, ERASERHEAD PRESS released the Hertzan Chimera novel SZMONHFU (pronounced "je m'en fous") to rave reviews.
Summer 2002, the extreme sex-horror collection BROKEN co-written with Wrath James White & Alex Severin is released by Medium Rare Books.
March 2003, Double Dragon Publishing release all Hertzan Chimera novels and collections in their well-supported ebook range - this is the only place you can buy PALM versions of these extreme works.
March 2003, Massacre Publishing released the sex-horror paperback collection BOYFISTGIRLSUCK (co writer Alex Severin).
May 2003 sees the release of his second Eraserhead Press novel UNITED STATES ready to PRE ORDER now.

There are rumours that a THIRD Hertzan Chimera novel called YĆ“ROPPA is nearing completion and TWO collaborative collections CHIM&HER and CHIM&HIM have also been mentioned in certain writing circles.

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 UNITED STATES1May 200310/10
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