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Gary Allen grew up in Crawley, one of the "new towns" encamped around greater London. For heritage he claims a strange hodgepodge of Welsh, London and country Kent blood. Gary’s fascination with the ancient cultures of Britain is an important source of inspiration in his writing. At 18 he immigrated to Brisbane, Australia, which he is proud to call his home.

Having worked as a tiler’s labourer, in a video store, pumping petrol, serving beer and detailing cars, Gary enrolled at university and trained to be a high school English/Drama teacher. Though he graduated, Gary never worked as a teacher, instead joining the staff of a high profile Federal politician. In 1996 electoral fortunes forced a career change and he joined the administrative staff of the Queensland University of Technology - where he still works in the research ethics area. Gary is currently undertaking a research degree, but still writes as often as he can.

Gary’s first novel, The Heather Thane, was published in 2002, and his short stories have been published more than 30 times around the web.

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