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The Heather Thane (The Lath'roug Saga)
Series: The Lath'roug Saga
Volume: 1
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 1920764119
Publisher: Equilibrium Books
Reader Rating: Not rated
The Heather Thane by Gary Allen

Description: On the rugged frontier, a bloody feud between two powerful noble families threatens to plunge the West into civil war, and in so doing bring to life an ancient wildblood prophecy of doom...

The Heather Thane is the dramatic opening installment of The Lath'roug Saga, a fantasy epic by Australian author Gary Allen, which continues with Book Two, Camaric. Set against the exciting backdrop of a bitter struggle between two warring noble houses, the series plunges the reader into a fantastic world where dark magic is opposed by wildblood mysticism, and nobility is not a birthright.

From the intrigues of the Ducal court, to the mysteries of the Brannog Granar, The Heather Thane takes the readers on an exciting ride through events both terrible and deeply moving.

The Minault family is teetering on the brink of destruction at the hands of their principle adversary, Thane Danat Guerhn. Though they are a powerful family with an honorable tradition, Danat's political maneuvering has left Minault isolated and weakened. Facing annihilation, Earal Minault must risk everything, including his beloved daughter and his most loyal followers, on a daring and dangerous bid to win powerful new allies. What none of them realize is that the brewing civil war is part of an ancient prophecy, which has already set mysterious and terrible forces on the move.

Ignorant of the supernatural peril awaiting them, the Princess and her escort enter the dangerous high country. Only once they are isolated from home do they realize much larger forces are at work around them. Cornered and outnumbered, the small band receives unexpected aid from the enigmatic wildblood clans of the Brannog Granar.

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