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Camaric (The Lath'roug Saga)
Series: The Lath'roug Saga
Volume: 2
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 1920764232
Publisher: Equilibrium Books
Reader Rating: Not rated
Camaric by Gary Allen

Description: In this exciting sequel to The Heather Thane, the awful stakes in the impending civil war in Con Darast become clear - while at the same time the powerful forces of prophecy sweep down from the high country. The reprieve earned for Thane Minault by the alliance with Banner Yabol proves only short-lived when a Guerhn plot emerges that will draw Earal and his family to the den of one of their most powerful enemies.

Finding themselves, out manoeuvred and out numbered, Arnal, Chaeā€™ra and the rest of the Minault household once again are caught up in the dark and magical forces gathering in the West.In the mountains, the Jahd are on the move, and with them an ancient and dark fey force - the Nolodaer.

An attack on the Duke sends a small Minault party rushing into the wild high country, where they make unlikely friends and terrifying new enemies. Even if Earal Minault can be protected from his enemies in the Ducal Court, can any of them survive the supernatural forces bent upon their destruction?

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