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A Death of Kings (Tekumel:  The Empire of the Petal Throne)
Series: Tekumel: The Empire of the Petal Throne
Volume: 5
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0972588043
Publisher: Zottola Publishing
Price: 19.95
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 2
A Death of Kings by M. A. R. Barker

Description: This novel continues the story of Hársan, as he voyages out to the Far Eastern coast of Salarvyá. The country is in chaos as various factions fight for power after the death of the ''Mad King,' Griggatsátsa. Hársan and his companions struggle through the riot-torn streets of the capital, Tsatsayágga, and then on to distant Jakánta. On their voyage, they obtain new insights into the mysterious College at the End of Time, the Undying Wizards, and the Unstraightened City.

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