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The Shadow of Albion (Carolus Rex)
Series: Carolus Rex
Volume: 1
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0812545397
Pages: 399 pages
Price: 6.99
Reader Rating: Not rated
The Shadow of Albion by Andre Norton & Rosemary Edghill

Description: England-1805
Emperor Napoleon has kidnapped the princess of Denmark in a plot to upset Europe's tenuous balance of power. Only Lord Wessex, Agent of King Henry IX, can recover the princess and thwart Napoleon's plans, or all Europe could fall to France.
But Wessex has an unsuspected ally in his perilous mission. Magic has replaced his fiancee Sarah, the vain and haughty Marchioness of Roxbury, with the passionate and courageous Sarah of another world, one where England's American colonies are called the "United States."
Sarah quickly becomes the wild card in a deadly game played out across Europe with players ranging from Sir John Adams to the Marquis de Sade. As Sarah and Wessex tread a path toward destiny, they discover that their mission is more important than they could ever imagine. For if they fail, Napoleon will control more than Europe-he'll rule the world.

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