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The Emperor's Plague (Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights)
Series: Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights
Volume: 11
Genre: SF
ISBN: 1572973315
Pages: 208 pages
Publisher: Boulevard
Price: 5.99
Reader Rating: Not rated
The Emperor's Plague by Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta

Description: Bornan Thul's secret is out: he's been protecting a deadly plague that could devastate the galaxy if released. And the evil Nolaa Tarkona - leader of the Diversity Alliance - knows where it is hidden.
Now Jacen, Jaina, and their allies must race against time. As a massive battle rages between New Republic soldiers and the forces of the Diversity Alliance, the young Jedi Knights must find and destroy the plague before it can be released. But they first must face Nolaa Tarkona.
And her very lethal hire hand, Boba Fett.

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