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Jedi Bounty (Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights)
Series: Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights
Volume: 10
Genre: SF
ISBN: 1572975971
Pages: 215 pages
Publisher: Boulevard
Price: 5.99
Reader Rating: 10 out of 10
Votes: 1
Jedi Bounty by Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta

Description: Lobacca has left the Jedi Academy and travelled to the planet Ryloth, headquarters of the Diversity Alliance, to see what the Diversity Alliance is really all about.
On Yavin 4, Jacin, Jaina, and the other young Jedi Knights have already discovered one truth about the Alliance - once you go to Ryloth, you either join, or you die. Lowie is in great danger, and they must rescue him. But what can a small group of humans do against a planet full of hostile aliens?

Also in this series are Heirs of the Force, Shadow Academy, The Lost Ones, Lightsabers, Darkest Knight, Jedi Under Seige, Shards of Alderaan, Diversity Alliance, Delusions of Grandeur, The Emperor's Plague, Return to Ord Mantell, Trouble on Cloud City, Crisis at Crystal Reef Return to the Kevin J. Anderson page, Rebecca Moesta page.

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