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Snake Agent (Detective Inspector Chen)
Series: Detective Inspector Chen
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 159780018X
Pages: 284 pages
Publisher: Night Shade Book
Price: $24.95
Reader Rating: Not rated
Snake Agent by Liz Williams

Description: John Constantine meets Chow Yun-Fat in this near-future occult thriller. Detective Inspector Chen is the Singapore Three police department's snake agent, in charge of supernatural and mystical investigations.

Chen has several problems: In addition to colleagues who don't trust him and his mystical ways, a patron goddess whom he has offended, and a demonic wife who's tired of staying home along, he's been paired with one of Hell's own vice officers, Seneschal Zhu Irzh, to investigate the illegal trade in souls.

Political pressures both earthly and otherworldly seem to block their investigation at every turn. As a plot involving Singapore Three's industrial elite and Hell's own Ministry of Epidemics is revealed, it becomes apparent that the stakes are higher than anyone had previously suspected.

Liz Williams delivers the first in a series of near future occult thrillers that feature an audaciously textured mix of magic and futuristic technology in a far eastern setting that is iconic and thrilling.

Also in this series are Precious Dragon, The Banquet of the Lords of Night, The Demon and the City Return to the Liz Williams page.

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