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The Banquet of the Lords of Night (Detective Inspector Chen)
Series: Detective Inspector Chen
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 1892389932
Pages: 240 pages
Publisher: Night Shade Book
Price: $27.00
Reader Rating: Not rated
The Banquet of the Lords of Night by Liz Williams

Description: In such novels as The Poison Master, Empire of Bones, and Nine Layers of Sky, Liz Williams sparked readers’ imaginations by creating worlds at once strange and familiar. Now this bold new writer brings her best short fiction together in one stunning collection. The stories featured in The Banquet of the Lords of Night have appeared in Asimov’s, Interzone, Realms of Fantasy, and The Third Alternative, among others.

The stories within the covers of The Banquet of the Lords of Night are varied in style and subject matter, but they are all powerfully written. From the breathtaking title story, “Banquet of the Lords of Night” about an Earth plunged into a world of darkness where light is against the law to the stunning “The Man from the Ministry” in which we learn the how far a mother will go where her family is concerned; Williams displays an astonishing breadth and variety of writing styles. Williams is equally at home writing galaxy-spanning science fiction like “Quantum Anthropology” as she is weaving a tale like “Adventures in the Ghost Trade” which incorporates demons, magic, the afterlife, and private detectives.

Adventures in the Ghost Trade
A Child of the Dead
The Sea of Time & Space
The Daykeeper
Dog Years
Dancing Day
The Banquet of the Lords of Night
Ancestors’ Song
Quantum Anthropology
The Blood Thieves
The Man from the Ministry

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