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Mr. Lozon has been writing books since he was 12. His first published and critically acclaimed work, "Babyfood in Hot Diapers", was released in 1985. The book found a strong following among thumbsuckers around the globe and people thought the illustrations were humorous. Scott has gone on to disparage his family name and has succumbed to the temptation to dawdle on idley occupied as a freak. He is prone to verbosity, mental meltdowns and juggling chainsaws in his spare time. For inspiration he lists dressing up as and acting like a baby and he enjoys food fights. Scott's home is a little messy and there's is a large crib in his living room so that he can get into character when the mood strikes him. It's important to him and his future. He lists Buckethead as his only friend.

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 The Buddha All-Stars VolumeYearRating
 The Scenic Routen/a20079/10
 The Wall of Sound119979/10
 Drowning Into Darkness219989/10
 Crack Babies on Parade319986/10
 Phantasmagoric Kaleidoscope4200010/10
 Tripping Through Oblivion520017/10
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