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Sarah Ash, who trained as a musician, is the author of three fantasy novels: Moths to a Flame, Songspinners, and The Lost Child. She also runs the library in a local primary school. Sarah Ash has two grown-up sons and lives in Beckenham, Kent, with her husband and their mad cat, Molly. She is currently at work on the second book of The Tears of Artamon.

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Books (Sort by Title)[5 books listed]
 Alchymist's Legacy VolumeYearRating
 Tracing the Shadown/a2008n/a
 Flight into Darkness22010n/a

 The Tears of Artamon VolumeYearRating
 Lord of Snow and Shadows120039/10
 Prisoner of the Iron Tower220049/10
 Children Of The Serpent Gate32005n/a
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