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Prisoner of the Iron Tower (The Tears of Artamon)
Series: The Tears of Artamon
Volume: 2
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 055338211X
Pages: 480 pages
Publisher: Spectra
Price: $23.00
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10
Votes: 2
Prisoner of the Iron Tower by Sarah Ash

Description: Gavril Nagarian has finally cast out the dragon-daemon from deep within himself. The Drakhaoul is gone - and with it all of Gavril's fearsome powers. Though no longer besieged by the Drakhaoul's unnatural lusts and desires, Gavril has betrayed his birthright and his people. He has put the ice-bound princedom of Azhkendir at risk and lost." "Emerging from his battle with the Lord Drakhaon scarred but victorious, Eugene of Tielen exacts a terrible price. He arrests the renegade warlord Gavril Nagarian for crimes against the Rossiyan Empire and sentences him to life in an insane asylum - for the absence of the Drakhaoul is slowly driving Gavril mad. But Eugene has another motive as well. He longs to possess the Drakhaoul - at any cost to his kingdom and his humanity." "With Gavril locked inside the Iron Tower, three women keep his memory alive. His mother returns to the warmer climes of her homeland, where she foments the seeds of rebellion. A young scullery maid whose heart is broken by Gavril's arrest sends her spirit out to the Ways Beyond. And even the emperor's new wife is haunted by her remembrances of the handsome young painter who once captured her soul." The five princedoms of a shattered empire are reunited. The last of Artamon's ruby tears adorns Eugene's crown. But peace is as fragile as a rebel's whisper - and a captive's wish to be free.

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