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Steve M. Stirling is the author of the Draka trilogy. Set in a parallel universe, a nation founded on slavery and the United States battle for domination of the world. The trilogy was recently republished in one huge volume as The Domination. Stirling has also written Drakon, a novel of a Draka warrior hurled into our world, and edited a companion volume, Drakas! Among his collaborations are the popular General series with David Drake, the novel, The Children's Hour, with Jerry Pournelle, and the national bestseller, The City Who Fought, with Anne McCaffrey.

Also a trained lawyer and an amateur historian.

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Books (Sort by Title)[39 books listed]
 A Novel of the Change VolumeYearRating
 The Sunrise Landsn/a2007n/a
 The Scourge of Godn/a2008n/a

 Flight Engineer VolumeYearRating
 The Independent Command with James Doohan32000n/a
 The Privateer with James Doohan42000n/a

 Islanders VolumeYearRating
 Island in the Sea of Time119989/10
 Against the Tide of Years219998/10
 On the Oceans of Eternity320009/10

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 The Rose Sea with Holly Lislen/an/an/a
 The Peshawar Lancersn/a20029/10
 The Prince with Jerry Pournellen/a2002n/a
 Worlds That Weren't with Harry Turtledoven/a20029/10
 The Houses of the Kzinti with Jerry Pournellen/a2004n/a
 The Sky Peoplen/a2006n/a

 Shadowspawn VolumeYearRating
 A Taint in the Bloodn/a2010n/a

 Tales of the Rift War VolumeYearRating
 Jimmy the Hand with Raymond E. Feist320038/10

 Terminator VolumeYearRating
 T2: Infiltrator120017/10
 T2: Rising Storm22002n/a
 T2: The Future War32003n/a

 The Draka VolumeYearRating
 Drakas! (Short Stories-Editor)n/a2000n/a
 Marching Through Georgia11991n/a
 Under the Yoke21991n/a
 Stone Dogs3n/an/a
 The Drakon41999n/a

 The Raj Whitehall Series VolumeYearRating
 Conqueror (Novels 3, 4 & 5) with David Draken/a20032/10
 Warlord (Novels 1 & 2)n/a2003n/a
 The Forge with David Drake1199310/10
 The Hammer with David Drake219928/10
 The Anvil with David Drake31998n/a
 The Steel with David Drake41993n/a
 The Sword with David Drake51992n/a
 The Chosen with David Drake61998n/a
 The Reformer with David Drake71999n/a

 The Ship Series VolumeYearRating
 The City and The Ship with Anne McCaffreyn/a2004n/a
 The Ship Avenged21998n/a
 The City who Fought with Anne McCaffrey419937/10

 Willamette Trilogy VolumeYearRating
 Dies the Fire1200410/10
 The Protector's War220059/10
 A Meeting at Corvallis32006n/a
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