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Writes fantasy novels. Majored in Communications at Denver University, Colorado. Robin Hobb has also been writing books under the pseudonym Megan Lindholm.

Real Name is Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden.

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Books (Sort by Title)[28 books listed]
 Alien Earth with Megan Lindholmn/a1992n/a
 Assasins Quest3n/a8/10
 Assassins Apprentice119968/10
 Blood of Dragons42013n/a
 City of Dragons32012n/a
 Cloven Hooves with Megan Lindholmn/a19915/10
 Dragon Haven22010n/a
 Dragon Keeper12010n/a
 Fool's Errand120019/10
 Fool's Fate320039/10
 Forest Mage220066/10
 Golden Fool220029/10
 Harpys Flight with Megan Lindholmn/a19836/10
 Luck of the Wheels with Megan Lindholmn/a1989n/a
 Renegade's Magic32007n/a
 Royal Assassin2n/a8/10
 Shaman's Crossing120057/10
 Ship of Destiny320009/10
 Ship of Magic119998/10
 Silver Lady and the Fourtyish Man with Megan Lindholmn/a1994n/a
 The Gypsy with Steven Brustn/a19927/10
 The Inheritancen/a2011n/a
 The Limbreth Gate with Megan Lindholmn/a19846/10
 The Mad Ship219998/10
 The Reindeer People with Megan Lindholmn/a19887/10
 The Windsingers with Megan Lindholmn/a19847/10
 Wizard of the Pigeons with Megan Lindholmn/a19869/10
 Wolfs Brother with Megan Lindholmn/a1988n/a
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