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 Avalon Manga: The Warlock Diaries VolumeYearRating
 Vol. 112009n/a
 Vol 222009n/a
 Vol 332010n/a

 Avalon: Web of Magic VolumeYearRating
 Circles in the Stream120019/10
 All That Glitters220018/10
 Cry of the Wolf320019/10
 The Secret of the Unicorn420029/10
 Trial by Fire620028/10

 quest for magic VolumeYearRating
 Song of the Unicorns120039/10
 All's Fairy in Love & War220038/10
 Ghost Wolf3200410/10
 Heart of Avalon420059/10
 The Dark Mage520097/10
 Full Circle620108/10
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