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Peter Straub is the author of sixteen novels, which have been translated into more than twenty languages. He has won the British Fantasy Award, two Bram Stoker awards and two World Fantasy awards. His most recent publications are his acclaimed novel Mr X, a collection of short stories, Magic Terror, and Black House, the international bestselling novel that he co-wrote with Stephen King.

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 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Ghost Storyn/a197910/10
 Mr. Xn/a20009/10
 Black House with Stephen Kingn/a20018/10
 Floating Dragonn/a20016/10
 The Talisman with Stephen Kingn/a20017/10
 The Hellfire Clubn/a2002n/a
 Lost Boy Lost Girln/a200310/10
 In the Night Roomn/a20047/10
 A Dark Mattern/a2011n/a

 The Talisman VolumeYearRating
 The Road of Trials with Stephen King32010n/a
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