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Patrick Carman began The Dark Hills DIvide as a story to tell in the night. The characters and places soon took on a life of their own, and The Land of Elyon was born.
Before writing this, his first novel, Carman helped to create board games, Web sites, a mentoring program, and a music show heard on hundreds of radio stations across the country and around the world. He currently lives in Pacific Northwest with his wife and two daughters.
Carman writes the series 'Atherton' as well as The Land of Elyon.

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 Beyond the Valley of Thorns220058/10
 The Dark Hills Divide120059/10
 The Tenth City320068/10
 Into The Mist42007n/a
 The House of Power120079/10
 Rivers of Fire22008n/a
 Ghost In The Machine2200910/10
 Skeleton Creek120098/10
 The Dark Planet32009n/a
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