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Into The Mist (The Land of Elyon)
Series: The Land of Elyon
Volume: 4
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 1407103555
Publisher: Scholastic
Price: $11.99
Reader Rating: Not rated
Into The Mist by Patrick Carman

Description: January 7, 2008

Our three adventurers are on a voyage. Yet Thomas has not told Alexa or Yipes where they are going. But he does settle in and tell them the story of how he got there to be the captain of the Warvick Beacon, and also the tale of his brother's and his own adventures when they were younger than Alexa is now. The brother's journey goes from being little more than slave labor to journeys under the world, over mountains and into a magical land where you do not grow old.

All the while, the reader knows that they are being told this story, because Thomas had a task in the story for Alexa and Yipes, a task related to his past and a task that must be faced. Evil has been released in the land of Elyon, and a battle between good and evil is approaching Elyon and Abaddon. It is a battle that once again young Alexa and her friend Yipes will have to decide to choose, either bravery and face the challenge at hand, or ...
*Note: his book is NOT volume four of the land of elyon; it's part of the series but as it does not really continue the story of alexa it's not considered volume four. it's just a special to the series. Stargazer is number four. ~blackwing`*

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