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As a young girl Meg whiled away many hours, reading the complete works of Jane Austen, Judy Blume, and Barbara Cartland.

Armed with a fine arts degree from Indiana University, Meg moved to New York City, intent upon pursuing a career in freelance illustration. Illustrating, however, soon got in the way of Meg's true love, writing, and so she abandoned it and got a job as the assistant manager of an undergraduate dormitory at New York University, writing whenever she had the chance.

The first of her many historical romance novels were written under the name Patricia Cabot. She also published under the name Jenny Carroll.

Film rights to The Princess Diaries were sold to Disney, and a feature length film based on the book was released in August 2001. A sequel to the film, based on an original story written by Disney, is in pre-production. Film rights to All-American Girl and The Mediator series also went to Disney.

Meggin now writes full time.

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