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Karen Miller was born in Vancouver, Canada, and moved to Australia when she was two. Over the years she has held down a wide variety of jobs, including horse stud groom in Buckingham, England.

Also wrote the Rogue Agent series as K. E. Mills.

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 Innocence Lost22005n/a
 The Innocent Mage12005n/a
 Empress Of Mijak12007n/a
 The Awakened Mage22007n/a
 Do No Harm: SG1-12n/a2008n/a
 The Riven Kingdom12008n/a
 Wild Spacen/a2008n/a
 Hammer of God320097/10
 The Accidental Sorcerer with K. E. Mills12009n/a
 The Prodigal Magen/a2009n/a
 Witches Incorporated with K. E. Mills22009n/a
 A Blight of Magesn/a2011n/a
 The Reluctant Magen/a2011n/a
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