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Do No Harm: SG1-12 (Stargate Sg-1)
Series: Stargate Sg-1
Genre: SF
ISBN: 1905586094
Pages: 320 pages
Publisher: Fandemonium Books
Price: $7.95
Reader Rating: Not rated
Do No Harm: SG1-12 by Karen Miller

Description: When Stargate Command discovers a planet rich in naquadah, Washington thinks all their Christmases have come at once. Only Teal'c isn't happy - according to ancient jaffa legend, the planet Zigoola is a death trap. But nobody will listen: the naquadah's deemed too important, and SG-1 is tasked with the mission to make friends with the locals and establish lucrative mining rights.

But they really should have listened to Teal'c. Soon SG-1 and the people of Zigoola are fighting for their lives ... and it looks like the only person who can save them is Janet Fraiser. Except she's stuck on Earth, and time is running out.

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