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Blaylock is a two-time winner of the World Fantasy Award for his short stories "Paper Dragons" (1986) and "Thirteen Phantasms" (1997). He is also the author of numerous critically acclaimed novels, including Homunculus, The Last Coin, and The Rainy Season.

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 Elfin VolumeYearRating
 The Elfin Ship119828/10
 The Disappearing Dwarf2n/an/a
 The Goblin Keeper3n/an/a
 The Stone Giant319897/10

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Axolotl Double A-1 with Tim Powersn/an/a8/10
 The Paper Grailn/an/an/a
 The Rainy Seasonn/an/an/a
 Winter Tidesn/an/an/a
 The Digging Leviathann/a19848/10
 Land of Dreamsn/a19878/10
 The Last Coinn/a19888/10
 13 Phantasmsn/a2000n/a
 Night Moves and Other Stories with Tim Powersn/a20008/10
 13 Phantasms and Other Storiesn/a200310/10
 In For A Pennyn/a20038/10
 The Devils in the Details with Tim Powersn/a200310/10

 William Ashbless VolumeYearRating
 On Pirates with Tim Powersn/a2001n/a
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