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13 Phantasms (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: Other
Publisher: -Edgewood Press
Price: 25
Reader Rating: Not rated
13 Phantasms by James P. Blaylock

Description: -This is a collection of 16 of James Blaylock's short stories. It's his first short story collection and many of these stories have seen print in special editions or publications that are now hard to find or considerably more expensive.

Contents: Thirteen Phantasms, Red Planet, The Ape-Box Affair, Bugs, Nets of Silver and Gold, The Better Boy, The Pink of Fading Neon, The Old Curiosity Shop, Doughnuts, Two Views of a Cave Painting, The Idol's Eye, Paper Dragons, We Traverse Afar, The Shadow on the Doorstep, Myron Chester and the Toads , and Unidentified Objects
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