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 Dragon Nimbus VolumeYearRating
 The Glass Dragon119948/10
 The Perfect Princess219957/10
 The Loneliest Magician3199610/10
 The Wizard's Treasure4200010/10

 Merlin's Descendants VolumeYearRating
 Guardian Of The Balance1199910/10
 Guardian of the Trust220008/10
 Guardian of the Vision320018/10
 Guardian of the Promise42004n/a
 Guardian of the Freedom52006n/a

 The Dragon Nimbus History VolumeYearRating
 The Dragon's Touchstone119979/10
 The Last Battlemage2199810/10
 The Renegade Dragon3199910/10

 The StarGods VolumeYearRating
 Hidden Dragon120029/10
 The Dragon Circle220059/10
 Dragon's Revenge32005n/a
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