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Guardian of the Trust (Merlin's Descendants)
Series: Merlin's Descendants
Volume: 2
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0886778743
Publisher: DAW
Price: $23.95
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 3
Guardian of the Trust by Irene Radford

Description: The second novel in Irene Radford's acclaimed new series - in which the magically gifted children of both Merlin's and King Arthur's bloodlines face the rebellious struggles of anew age.

Early thirteenth century England is a time of great unrest. But in Resmiranda Griffin, both Arthur's power and Merlin's magic runs strong. But she has precious little time to develop her special abilities, as evil forces move in to eliminate her. And without her full abilities, Resmiranda will never be able to free her beloved land and people from the evil that controls the kingdom.

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