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Writes mainly sf novels. The plots of his books are very fast paced and intricate, which make them all page-turners.

Born in California, USA. Received Masters Degree in Chemical Physics from University of California, San Diego.

Married to author Syne Mitchell.

This author has been recommended by 125 other readers.

Books (Sort by Title)[11 books listed]
 All That Lives Must Die22011n/a
 A Game of Universen/a19979/10
 First Striken/a20039/10
 Pawn's Dreamn/a19989/10
 Signal to Noisen/a19999/10
 A Signal Shatteredn/a19999/10
 Crimson Skiesn/a20028/10
 Ghosts of Onyx420069/10
 Halo: The Fall of Reachn/a20019/10
 Mortalis Coils120137/10
 Dry Watern/a19987/10
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