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A Signal Shattered (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0380975149
Publisher: Eos
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10
Votes: 6
A Signal Shattered by Eric S. Nylund

Description: Sequel to Signal to Noise. From the ruins of the Moon, Jack Potter, mathematician and rogue cryptographer, can look down on the planet he helped destroy. Thanks to the treachery of an all-but-omnipotent alien known as Wheeler-Jack's former business partner in the trade of alien and human technologies-Earth has become the graveyard of billions. When Jack refused to find new worlds for Wheeler to despoil, the unscrupulous alien terminated their relationship...along with every living thing on Earth.But Jack and a handful of others excaped teh holocaustby usuing an alien technology known as the gateway technology that allows instantaneous transmission of matter over vast distances. Now these few survivorts are all that's left of the human race.

There is Isabel, Jack's ex-partner . A genius in thefield of cybernetics as cold-blooded and devious as Wheeler, her only loyalty is to herself. She's betrayed Jack already; how can he afford to trust her again but more important, how can he afford not to?

There is Zero, the gene witch, whose talents in the manipulation on DNA have accelerated evolution, opening hte door to the full achievement of human potential. Unfortunately, Zero has a bad habit of experimenting on himself.

There is Panda, a beautiful Chinese assassin who can kill as easily with her mind as with her hands. She tried to murder Jack back on Earth... but somehow Jack can't keep himself from falling in love with her.

Meanwhile, Wheeler is out to finish what he started...and the universe ins't big enough for Jack to hide in. His only hope is the gateway. If he can hack into the device and decrypt its alien coding, he may learn the secret of a power great enough to destroy even Wheeler. The only problem is, it's much mor
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