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A former primary-school teacher, he has worked in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Italy, as well as in Ireland.

Eoin is very involved in theatre and has written several plays, which have been staged in various parts of Ireland.

He bought a truck. An old rusty truck, with red trimming. What an awful truck.

In 1991 Eoin and Jackie got married, and six years later they had their first son, called Finn.

His first novel, Benny and Omar, was published by The O'Brien Press in October 1998 and was an immediate bestseller. It was applauded by critics because of its comic genius.

International recognition soon followed as translation rights were sold to various publishers abroad. His second book, Benny and Babe was published in June 1999.

Benny and Babe became a No. 1 bestseller in Ireland, knocking the famous Harry Potter out of the top spot in the Bestseller List!

It wasn't until Artemis Fowl was published that Colfer found critical success over the shores of the Irish Sea. When presented to publishers by his agent, the book initiated a furious bidding war and was eventually bought by Viking, a deal which left Bloomsbury (the home of Harry Potter) anxious to see whether the book could weave the same kind of magic.

Artemis Fowl received an option from Miramax and £700,000 in advances (the largest amount ever to be received by an unknown author).

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 Artemis Fowl VolumeYearRating
 The Artemis Fowl Filesn/a20049/10
 The Seventh Dwarfn/a20049/10
 Artemis Fowl120019/10
 The Arctic Incident220028/10
 The Eternity Code320039/10
 The Opal Deception420059/10
 The Lost Colony520069/10
 The Time Paradox620088/10

 Misc VolumeYearRating
 Benny and Omarn/a19984/10
 Benny and Baben/a19997/10
 The Wish Listn/a20039/10
 The Legend of Spud Murphyn/a20047/10
 The Supernaturalistn/a20049/10
 The Legend of Captain Crow's Teethn/a20052/10
 Half-Moon Investigationsn/a20068/10

 O'Brien Flyers VolumeYearRating
 Going Pottyn/a19994/10
 Ed's Bedn/a20016/10

 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy VolumeYearRating
 And Another Thing with Douglas Adams62009n/a
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