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I was the only child of a Polish father and an English mother. I wanted to be an author from the age of four, and spent my childhood writing about wild horses fighting to the death in the Australian outback, despite never having been there. I went to art school, like a lot of rebellious misfits, and studied fine art.

I then had two daughters, taught part-time, and started writing radio plays and short stories. A sudden urge to get back on the other side of the desk led to a creative writing MA at Bath Spa. I have won several prizes, including the Cardiff International Poetry Competition, and the Canongate Prize. I have also judged competitions myself. Although I have had children’s stories serialised in Aquila magazine, The Divide was my first full-length work of fiction for children.

The daughters are now grown up. The eldest, a teacher, has taken time out to be a full-time mum, and the youngest is an entomologist, specialising in dung beetles.

I try very hard to spend my time travelling to outlandish places, and watching wildlife, and I’ve illustrated natural history books.

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 Jinx On The Divide320059/10
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