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Born in Winnipeg, Canada. Lives abroad from Canada for many years now. Currently doing a 'part time' Ph.D. in literature.

Created the world of 'Malaz' together with Steven Erikson some 7 (iirc) years ago. Roleplayed parts of the world between them. The history of the world is divided amongst both authors.

from the Wotmania interview:
"(...) the world Steve and I created where we tell the story not only of the Malazan Empire, but also the stories of numerous peoples – the choices they have made (or have been inflicted upon them) and the consequences that follow."

Night of Knives is his first novel out of a series of five, all of them sketched out alongside Steve’s ten. Three of the remaining four also use the Malaz Empire as the route of entry into the world, while the last is more of an epilogue to many of the main story threads in which remaining questions are answered (and surprising revelations are made, of course!).

His next novel will feature the Crimson Guard!!

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 Chain of Dogs with Steven Eriksonn/a??n/a

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 Night of Knives120059/10
 Return of the Crimson Guard22008n/a
 Orb Sceptre Throne42012n/a
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