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Edward Whittemore was born on 29 May 1933 in Maine USA. He graduated from Yale in 1955 with a degree in history. He was recruited into the CIA in 1958 and worked as an agent for that organisation for about 10 years, mostly in the Far East and the Middle East.

His first published novel was "Quin's Shanghai Circus" which was issued in 1974. He then began his astounding Jerusalem Quartet - Sinai Tapestry (1977) Jerusalem Poker (1978) Nile Shadows (1983) and Jericho Mosaic (1987). He lived in Jerusalem for much of the time he was writing the Quartet.
He died on 3 August 1995. Publisher's Weekly called him "America's best unknown author". Out of print for many years his books have just been reissued by Old Earth Books

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 Sinai Tapestryn/a19788/10
 Quin's Shanghai Circusn/a200210/10
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