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An ex-surfer, ex-rock musician, ex-teacher, and ex-sausage maker, Bruce Bethke now lives a life of quiet bourgeois complacency in suburban Minnesota, where he works in software development for a really, really nice multibillion-dollar multinational company totally unlike the evil and psychotic multibillion-dollar multinational company depicted in this book. Honest.

Besides being the accredited creator of the word "cyberpunk," Bethke has written numerous short stories, which have appeared in such magazines as Amazing, Asimov's, Weird Tales, and Easyriders, and more than two hundred computer software books, manuals, and articles.

Headcrash 2.0 was written in 1997 but remains unpublished.

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 Rebel Moon with Vox Dayn/a1996n/a
 Wild Wild Westn/a1999n/a
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