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The Lad and the Lion (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0441468721
Pages: 189 pages
Publisher: Ace
Reader Rating: Not rated
The Lad and the Lion by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Description: "The madman turned all his attention to the youth, who, standing at the rail of the derelict ship, was unaware of his extreme danger. Like a beast of prey, the older man crept stealthily toward his intended victim..."

In a remote European kingdom, plotters had moved toward the murder of an old king and his young heir, Michael. But the lad escaped, and, through a series of the chilling, heart-stopping adventures only ERB could have written, finds himself on the shores of Africa, his only friend and protector a giant feral cat.

Then, one day, Michael and his loyal friend find themselves face to face with the deadliest enemy of all.
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