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Firesong (Wind of Fire)
Series: Wind of Fire
Volume: 3
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Egmont
Reader Rating: 6 out of 10
Votes: 3
Firesong by William Nicholson

Description: Led by Hanno and Ira Hath, thirty-two mostly Manth survivors of the fall of the Mastery
search for the fabled Homeland. Ira knows that as long as she feels the warmth on her
face, despite the wintry conditions, they are heading in the right directino. She also
knows that, according to the prophecy, she will die when they reach the homeland. She
grows weaker with every step. Hanno must keep up the spirits of the marchers on the
gruelling journey. There is dissent, wretched hardships and terrifying brushes with death.
Violent bandits abduct the young women; Captain Canobius attempts to poison them;
evil passion flies, lives are lost and all the time, they know they must reach the homeland
before the wind on fire, which will scorch the land, purging it of the evil brought by the
Morah. But there is also love in the air: Sisi loves Bowman; Pinto loves Mumpo; and other
new friendships and relationships are forged Mean while, Bowman waits for a summons
from the people of Sirene. It is a call that will mean he must leave his beloved family and
make the ultimate sacrifice to save his people. Kestrel, too, waits. But she doesn t know
what for, and she dreads it. Eventually, the summons comes. But, to his surprise, before
being taken to Sirene, Bowman must be trained - by none other than the Master, who
was rescued by Jumper, one of the Singer people of Sirene, when the Mastery was
destroyed, in order to train Bowman for his future role.

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