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Courtship Rite (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0671440339
Pages: 463 pages
Publisher: Timescape
Price: $8.95
Reader Rating: Not rated
Courtship Rite by Donald Kingsbury

Description: A society descended from the crew of stranded starship builds on a religion based on biology and genetic engineering. Each of the clans breeds for their own special traits. Large group marriages (6 people of mixed sex) are common. Cannibalism has been ritualized so that the less fit provide food during times of famine. Parents who die are ritually eaten at a funeral feast by their children. At the time of the novel, genetic engineering is advance but the culture is just discovering physics and high tech. The old starship, still in orbit, is worshipped, the word ship having evolved into a word meaning god. An ancient book on the history of warfare on old earth is discovered.
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