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Wizards Eleven (The Books of the True Game)
Series: The Books of the True Game
Volume: 3
Genre: SF
ISBN: 044190209X
Pages: 187 pages
Publisher: ACE
Price: 3.50
Reader Rating: Not rated
Wizards Eleven by Sheri S. Tepper

Description: The son of Marvin Manyshaped is back. Let the Players of the True Game beware. A giant stalks the mountains. The shadow people gather by the light of the moon. The bonedancers raise up armies of the dead. And the Wizard's Eleven sleep, trapped in their dreams. Players, take your places. The final Game begins.

Peter is on task to awaken the wizads eleven, the first true gamers that can set them all free. But many dangers lye ahead of him and his compainions fall into peril...what will Peter do? Find out when you read Wizards Eleven.

Also in this series are The True Game (Omnibus), Kings Blood Four, Necromancer Nine Return to the Sheri S. Tepper page.

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