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Panglor (The Star Rigger Universe)
Series: The Star Rigger Universe
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0812534468
Publisher: Dell
Reader Rating: Not rated
Panglor by Jeffrey A. Carver

Description: Panglor Balef-discredited as a space pilot, he is marked for death by a treacherous space trader who sends him on a mission of revenge. He doesn't deserve such a fate.

Panglor is a good pilot, and never wanted to be part of the nefarious plot that has trapped him. But it's too late for regrets. For he, along with an intriguing female stowaway, has flown his ship through a window in space that leads to a world of impossible terrors, a world that cannot exist, cannot be real...and from which they can never return.

There's only one way out...and that's to escape into sheer madness.

The novel that sets the stage for starship rigging-the discovery that enables the transition from "foreshortening" star travel to the freedom of the Flux, with a most unlikely hero.

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