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Prince of the Godborn (Seven Citadels)
Series: Seven Citadels
Volume: 1
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 004823236x
Pages: 186 pages
Publisher: Unwin
Price: £2.50
Reader Rating: Not rated
Prince of the Godborn by Geraldine Harris

Description: Kerish-lo-Taan , third sonof the
Emperor of Galkis, and his
half-brother Forolkin embark on a
quest to try and save Galkis.
They are looking for seven
sorcerers, each of whom has a key
which will unlock one of the
doors to the imprisoned saviour.
As they begin, Kerish and
Forolkin do not even know if the
story of the sorcerers is true.
Elmandis of Ellerinnon certainly
exists, though, and as Kerish
discovers, is more dangerous than
he seems because he is good.
Kerish also discovers something
that will make the search more
difficult than ever - if a
sorcerergives up his key, he
surrenders his immortality. How
can Kerish obtain what he so
desperately needs?

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