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Gods and Androids (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0743488172
Publisher: Baen Books
Reader Rating: Not rated
Gods and Androids by Andre Norton

Description: Was Andas an android—or the rightful Emperor, held prisoner on a distant planet while an android impersonated him on the Empire’s throne world? Was Tallhassee Mitford a modern archaeologist suffering from strange delusions, or has an ancient Egyptian ankh somehow hurled her personality far back in the mists of time to a Nubian kingdom where she is now a warrior princess named Ashake, caught up in a struggle between the gods of Egypt? Two very different heroes in the grip of forces beyond control, beyond comprehension, both destined to be the only hope of doomed civilizations. . . .

Publisher’s Note: Gods and Androids has previously appeared separately as Android at Arms and Wraiths of Time. This is the first combined publication of the complete book.
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