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Glass Dragons (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0765307979
Pages: 496 pages
Publisher: Tor Books
Price: $27.95
Reader Rating: Not rated
Glass Dragons by Sean McMullen

Description: The Shadowmoon is a small, unobtrusive schooner whose passengers and crew are much more than they seem: Ferran, the Shadowmoon's lusty captain who dreams of power; Roval, the warrior-sorcerer; Velander and Terikel, priestesses of a nearly extinct sect; and the chivalrous vampire Laron, who has been trapped in a teenage, body for seven hundred years.

When they learn of the awful power of Silverdeath, an uncontrollable doomsday weapon, they realize they must act fast; every king, emperor, and despot covets Silverdeath's power. It will take more than a little luck to prevent one of these power-hungry fools from destroying the world.

Their only advantage? The Shadowmoon. For while it seems to be little more that a small trading vessel-too small for battle, too fat for speed-it is actually one of the most sophisticated vessels in the world, one that can travel to places no others would dare. But will it be enough to prevent Silverdeath from raining destruction across the entire world?
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