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Carnacki the Ghost Finder (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: Horror
ISBN: 1587155710
Pages: 172 pages
Publisher: Wildside Press
Price: $15.95
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 2
Carnacki the Ghost Finder by William Hope Hodgson

Description: Six tales of Carnacki the Ghost Finder — tales of the outré, the unexpected, and the unexplained from a renowned master of the macabre, William Hope Hodgeson.

“Mr. Hodgson’s new novel (Carnacki the Ghost Finder) comprises half a dozen of the ‘creepiest’ experiences imaginable. . . . Read after nightfall in a dimly lighted room peopled with uneasy shadows, these tales carry with them a haunting atmosphere of terror and an ever-present sense of the unknown powers of darkness . . . Mr. Hope Hodgson plays deftly on the strings of fear, and his new novel stamps him a fascinating panic-monger with a quick eye for all the sensational possibilities of ghost lore.”

— The Bookman (1913)
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