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The Child Goddess (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0441011365
Publisher: Ace Science Fiction
Reader Rating: Not rated
The Child Goddess by Louise Marley

Description: Louise Marley, lauded as "a writer of considerable talent," (The New York Review of Science Fiction) weaves a compelling story of a woman whose faith may be the only thing that can save a girl from certain doom . . .

A priest of the Order of Mary Magdalene, and a skilled anthropologist, Isabel Burke has been called offworld to the barren planet of Virimund. The ExtraSolar Corporation, developing Viramund as an energy source, has encountered an "incident" that has stopped their work. It seems there are people on Virimund after all—descendants of an emigrant ship that left Earth three hundred years before. And something has changed them.

There are children born on Virimund who do not age. Upon discovery, these lost souls are sent to an island where they live by themselves, ashamed that they will never become truly human. One of these children has been captured by ExtraSolar, which hopes to discover the secret to her ageless existence. Under constant examination and study, the girl has yet to utter a single word. For ExtraSolar, she is a resource to be used and discarded. But for Isabel, she is an innocent who needs help.

Now, against those who would sacrifice the child in their quest for power, Isabel must fight a desperate battle to protect a little girl who may hold the keys to life itself . . .

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