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Julie and Me and Michael Owen Make Three (Julie and Me)
Series: Julie and Me
Volume: 1
Genre: Other
ISBN: 1842550489
Pages: 208 pages
Publisher: Orion
Price: 4.99
Reader Rating: Not rated
Julie and Me and Michael Owen Make Three by Alan Gibbons

Description: Part One: Mad About the Girl, or Phil Neville's Lunge Part Two: Wanting the Girl, or Michael Owen's Hair Part Three: Getting the Girl, or David Beckham's Knee Part Four: Losing the Girl, or Theatre of Dreams

The day Terry sees Julie in the gym for the first time is the day of the England vs Romania match - the latest of the Great English Disasters - and the day his father announces that he's going to walk out. Things couldn't be worse. Only they could. Gorgeous Julie is a Liverpool fan. Even if he could summon up the courage to speak to her, Terry has a problem. This is Terry's diary as he tries to cope simultaneously with first love, the unexpected break-up of his parents' marriage, and the traumas of the Beautiful Game.

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