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Prosperos Children (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 345439015
Publisher: Delrey
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 4
Prosperos Children by Jan Siegel

Description: It began ages past in fabled Atlantis, when a power-hungry queen forged
a magical key to a door never meant to be opened by mortal man-thus
hastening the extinction of her vain glorious race. For millennia the key
lay forgotten beneath the waves, but sooner or later the sea yields up
its secrets. Now, in present-day Yorkshire, sixteen-year-old Fern Capel
will discover that ancient magic and find her life changed forever. This
extraordinary new fantasy-the first in a trilogy-is crafted with rare
magic and beauty, revealing a world of never-to-be-forgotten wonders and
terrors like nothing readers have seen before.
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