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The Dragon at War (The Dragon Knight)
Series: The Dragon Knight
Volume: 4
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0441166113
Publisher: ACE
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10
Votes: 1
The Dragon at War by Gordon R. Dickson

Description: Over a century ago, the dragon Gleingul fought and slew a sea serpent. No easy feat as sea serpents are more than twice as large as dragons. Ever since, there has been great animosity between these two species. Now something has brought it to a head as the sea serpents have allied themselves with the French in a plot to invade England so they can seek out and kill all the dragons. In the meantime, Carolinus, Jim’s master in magic has become seriously ill and is recovering at Malencontri. He’s been the victim of an attack by an unknown and powerful magician. So it’s up to Jim to discover the identity of the mastermind behind this plot. During his mission, Jim will discover that he has been targeted by the Sea Serpents who see him as the key to the English dragons. This news means that soon his castle of Malencontri will be under siege as the first wave of the invasion begins. Jim must figure out a way to prevent the impending war that is brewing between the dragons and the sea serpents. A war that has the dragons at a great disadvantage for they are greatly outnumbered by the sea serpents and a war that Jim will be obligated to fight in as a dragon.

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