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Taking Time (Emma Merrigan Series)
Series: Emma Merrigan Series
Volume: 3
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0441011535
Publisher: Ace Fantasy
Reader Rating: Not rated
Taking Time by Lynn Abbey

Description: She can travel through time, and save those who suffer under curses. But where does a curse end—and fate begin?

Emma Merrigan has come to terms with her powers—and has discovered a reality where some people exist under "curses" for generations at a time.

To help an entire family break free of this wretched cycle, Emma travels to the remembered past. There, she finds that the truth about the family lies even farther back along their bloodline—to a horrific act of violence that will echo through the ages.

Walking a razor-edged line between guidance and interference, Emma will discover where the origin of the curse lies—and face the devastating possibility that saving those in the future may mean sacrificing others in the past . . .

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